African-American Muslims

Five Americans Who Are Standing Up Against Radical Islam by Elliot Friedland

Clarion Project April 20, 2017 Who is doing the ground work in the struggle against Islamist extremism? A lot of the people tackling radical Islam don’t get as much press time as the jihadists they oppose. We want to introduce…
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White Supremacist and Radical Islamist Terror Against American Jews and Israelis by Stephen Schwartz

The Weekly Standard Blog December 10, 2016 Founded in 2007, the Community Security Service (CSS) is a low-profile, nonprofit organization based in New York City and concerned with protection of American Jewish institutions and public activities. CSS has trained thousands…
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Malice in Dallas by Stephen Schwartz

As predicted by many, a horrifying new outrage has been added to the annals of radical Islam. In Garland, Texas, a Dallas suburb, on Sunday, May 3, two men were killed by police after the pair fired at an event…
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