Spain in Our Hearts Americans in the Spanish Civil War by Adam Hochschild, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 464 pp., $30 Reviewed by Stephen Schwartz

The Weekly Standard September 12, 2016 Adam Hochschild is a prominent San Francisco leftist, cofounder of Mother Jones, and the successful author of books on the British antislavery movement, the Belgian colonization of the Congo, World War I, and the…
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The Teachings of the Bektashi Sufis [Nauk Bektašijskog Tarikata (In Bosnian)] The First Bosnian-Language Survey of Bektashism by Senad Mičijević Sarajevo, Dobra Kniga, 2016, 300 p Reviewed by Stephen Sylejp., price not shown

Illyria [New York] July 27, 2016 Senad Mičijević (1960-2013) was a resident of Mostar, the city in Bosnia-Hercegovina that, until the coming of war in 1992, was known for its multireligious coexistence. From then until 1995, Mostar was wracked by…
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Red tide shakes main parties in India’s Kerala State A victory for secularism by Muhammad Shafeeque

CIP June 21, 2016 A political storm caused by public anger against the incumbent Oommen Chandy state administration has swept the United Democratic Front (UDF), led by the secularist and modernist Congress party, out of power in the southwest Indian…
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Reviving the Spirit of Water Conservation in Islam by Muhammad Shafeeque

CIP  May 4, 2016 “And the earth he has put down (laid) for creatures, there are fruits and date palms producing sheathed fruit-stalks (enclosing dates) in it ” [Qur’an, Sura 55:10-11, Al-Rahman]. This verse describes some of God’s blessings upon…
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New Light on Bosnian Jews During World War II by Stephen Schwartz

The Huffington Post April 21, 2016 The fate of Bosnian Jews during the Holocaust has attracted significant attention from historians and other commentators. According to a standard work, Bosnia: A Short History, published in 1994 by the distinguished British scholar…
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@TalkToMe: Stephen Schwartz Interviewed On Islam By His Son Matthew Schwartz by Stephen Suleyman Schwartz and Matthew Schwartz

The Huffington Post/Facebook/#TalkToMe April 8, 2016 Stephen Schwartz of the Center for Islamic Pluralism interviewed on why he became Muslim by his son Matthew Schwartz for the Facebook/Huffington Post #TalkToMe project. https://youtu.be/AtCfKzyQC6w