Who are the Sufis and why does ISIS see them as threatening? by Peter Gottschalk

The April 28, 2017 On Feb. 16, 2017, a bomb ripped through a crowd assembled at the tomb of a Sufi saint, Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, in southeastern Pakistan. Soon thereafter, the so-called Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack….
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Replies to Questions About Sufism From A High School Teacher in Columbia, Missouri, USA by Stephen Suleyman Schwartz

CIP April 22, 2017 Instructor Gregory Soden writes — As an American in Missouri, I grew up in one of the most religiously devout and politically conservative regions of the United States. Such an existence just never seemed quite satisfying,…
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Muslim cleric banned in Pakistan is preaching in UK mosques CIP International Director Dr. Irfan Al-Alawi interviewed by Jamie Doward

The Guardian/The Observer [London] December 17, 2016 A Pakistani Muslim cleric who celebrated the murder of a popular politician is in Britain on a speaking tour of mosques. The news has alarmed social cohesion experts who fear such tours are…
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The Cosmopolitan Language of Sufism by Muhammad Ashra

CIP October 2, 2016 ‘O Humankind, we have made you from man and woman, as different tribes and peoples, so that you would know one another’ – Qur’an, 49:13. ‘We Are Devotees of Love; We Do Not Have Time for…
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Sufism in India Today by Stephen Schwartz and Muhammad Ashraf

The Huffington Post August 9, 2016 Bloodshed has returned to Muslim-majority Kashmir, which is partitioned between India and Pakistan. Muslim leaders, and spiritual Sufis in particular, must be constantly wary of the penetration of Islam by trends that seek to…
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The Teachings of the Bektashi Sufis [Nauk Bektašijskog Tarikata (In Bosnian)] The First Bosnian-Language Survey of Bektashism by Senad Mičijević Sarajevo, Dobra Kniga, 2016, 300 p Reviewed by Stephen Sylejp., price not shown

Illyria [New York] July 27, 2016 Senad Mičijević (1960-2013) was a resident of Mostar, the city in Bosnia-Hercegovina that, until the coming of war in 1992, was known for its multireligious coexistence. From then until 1995, Mostar was wracked by…
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Meet America’s Foremost Advocate of Islamic Pluralism Stephen Schwartz heads the Center for Islamic Pluralism and is the author of several books on Islam and Saudi sponsorship of Wahhabist extremism by Elliot Friedland

Clarion Project April 12, 2016 Note: Biographical Information and Illustrations included at the Clarion website with this interview may be accessed by clicking the “Clarion Project” link above.] 1. Clarion Project: What first drew you to Islam? Stephen Schwartz: Paradoxically,…
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@TalkToMe: Stephen Schwartz Interviewed On Islam By His Son Matthew Schwartz by Stephen Suleyman Schwartz and Matthew Schwartz

The Huffington Post/Facebook/#TalkToMe April 8, 2016 Stephen Schwartz of the Center for Islamic Pluralism interviewed on why he became Muslim by his son Matthew Schwartz for the Facebook/Huffington Post #TalkToMe project.

The Significance of Tasawwuf [Sufism] in Light of Contemporary Global Issues And the Methodology for its Promotion by Stephen Suleyman Schwartz

CIP March 17, 2016 Transmitted to the International Sufi Conference New Delhi, India, 17-20 March 2016, Hosted by the World Sufi Forum [In the author’s absence, on account of illness. Please remember me in your duas.] Bismillah ir-rahman ir-rahim, Distinguished…
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