@TalkToMe: Stephen Schwartz Interviewed On Islam By His Son Matthew Schwartz by Stephen Suleyman Schwartz and Matthew Schwartz

The Huffington Post/Facebook/#TalkToMe April 8, 2016 Stephen Schwartz of the Center for Islamic Pluralism interviewed on why he became Muslim by his son Matthew Schwartz for the Facebook/Huffington Post #TalkToMe project.

The Significance of Tasawwuf [Sufism] in Light of Contemporary Global Issues And the Methodology for its Promotion by Stephen Suleyman Schwartz

CIP March 17, 2016 Transmitted to the International Sufi Conference New Delhi, India, 17-20 March 2016, Hosted by the World Sufi Forum [In the author’s absence, on account of illness. Please remember me in your duas.] Bismillah ir-rahman ir-rahim, Distinguished…
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Sufism and Islamic Tradition Defeat Fundamentalism in Kerala, India by Muhammad Ashraf and Stephen Suleyman Schwartz

CIP January 14, 2016 Kerala is a state on the southwest Indian coast in which Islam counts a quarter of the population 0f 33.3 million, according to the national census. It is characterized by good relations between Muslims and the…
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The Bektashi Sufis Should Join the Kosova Sufi Union [BTK] by Stephen Sylejman Schwartz

Illyria [New York] June 22, 2015 Baba Musa Qazim Bakalli, who died in 1981 aged 101, was one of the greatest personalities in the spiritual history of Kosova. Today his Bektashi Sufi teqe [meeting house, pl. teqet] in Gjakova, devastated…
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Malice in Dallas by Stephen Schwartz

As predicted by many, a horrifying new outrage has been added to the annals of radical Islam. In Garland, Texas, a Dallas suburb, on Sunday, May 3, two men were killed by police after the pair fired at an event…
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