ICTY-The Hague: A Lesson in Modern History by Stephen Schwartz

November 18, 2018


The European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) are weakened; German leader Angela Merkel is caught between American bullying and direct Russian threats, and French statesman Emmanuel Macron marches with Canadian standard-bearer Justin Trudeau as her allies in defending the essential values of the West.

Brandt in Warsaw.

Merkel is the Willi Brandt of this moment, with Macron and Trudeau reminiscent of John F. Kennedy in representing a youthful alternative to the political senescence, then, of De Gaulle, Macmillan, Khrushchev, and Mao. Nasser and Ben Bella, similarly, generated a new hope in the future; Castro, however, was a false prophet. (Millennials can spend a useful quarter-hour researching most of these names.)

Ben Bella (right) under arrest by the French.

I argue that the collapse of world order began with the Russian assault in hitherto-independent Afghanistan at the end of the 1970s. For a moment, Russia held the advantage in the relationship of forces: revolutions in Iran and Nicaragua dramatized the vulnerability of American dominance. Intoxicated with advantage, Moscow pursued a march from Kabul to the borderlands of Rome and Vienna — spilling blood in the manner of Chinggis Khan and the Mongol hordes, spiritual progenitors of “Eurasianism” — the doctrine of Stalin and Putin.

The imam.

From the Khyber Pass, Russianism and its junior partner, Serbianism, advanced from its killing floor in Soviet Central Asia, striking genocidally at the ancient classic lands devastated in the savage invasions at the end of the Roman era; the Albanian domain, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, the Caucasus, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Macedonia, and Ukraine. Everywhere this campaign was observed, the assimilated, Western Muslim was the chosen target — from the Punjab to Crimea. This cold, “off the shelf” strategy, produced by the Russian secret police, was motivated dually: moderate Islam is the most powerful global challenger to the decadence of Communism and capitalism alike, and Russia has been burned by its persecution of Jews and its loathing of Catholics.

Putinism in Bosnia-Hercegovina.

How did the West, in its condition of moral syphilis – a disease undetected before the Hoyerswerda riots of 1991 – react to the advancing horror? As today, when the world prefers to stigmatize refugees than to stay the hands of the oppressors that drive them from their homes – the West found excuses for inaction. Britain declared its Islamophobia openly while Bosnian Muslims, Catholics, and Jews – infants, pregnant mothers, the elderly – were slaughtered by Russofascism and its Serbofascist lackeys. France expressed its love for Serbia. The despicable James Baker, from the comfort of Washington, announced in tones anticipating the criminality of Mike Flynn, that the freedom of the new Balkan republics was irrelevant, although the U.S. endorsed Baltic liberation. (DJT does not know one from the other even as Melania is Slovenian). Pat Buchanan swindled the Croatian-Americans out of financing for his campaign and then betrayed them.

Serbian and Dutch humanitarians drink blood in a toast to the UN.

Finally, Bill Clinton acted to restrain (but not to defeat) Serbian vampirism in Bosnia-Hercegovina. And what then was the solution, according to a West lost in its paretic dementia? Nothing less than a United Nations effort – brought to the world by functionaries known across the planet as facilitators of sex trafficking. Their notion? The International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) at The Hague.

Thank you!

Full disclosure: I consulted at The Hague beginning in 2005. My area of expertise? The Bosnian and Kosovo cases – disgraceful hoaxes.

ICTY issued 161 indictments: 91 Serbs, 29 Croats, 9 Muslim Bosnians, 9 Albanians, 2 Montenegrins, and 2 Macedonians.

The statistic speaks for itself. Serbia, acting as Russia’s pawn, launched the fascist aggression against the former Yugoslavia. All the others were victims.

As I observed its working, ICTY had only one interest: to impose the “fake news” narrative of moral equivalence, according to which all sides were to blame.

Before my eyes, I watched ICTY manufacture “fake evidence” against Croatian patriot Tihomir Blaškić, who was humiliated and then sentenced to 45 years. The verdict was vacated after it was proven his argument of innocence was correct.

Our Tihomir.

I listened as ICTY staff obsessed with punishing my hero, the Bosnian leader Sefer Halilović, for the “crime” of ordinary Muslim belief. He was acquitted.

Our Sefer.

I refused to assist in the prosecution of Kosovo prime minister Ramush Haradinaj – the triumphant Trotsky of the Kosovo Liberation Army, also exonerated. ICTY staff expressed frustration that he and his comrades could not be liquidated physically.


I participated in other bogus investigations by Western “peace criminals,” served as a contractor for the U.S. government, and consulted for George Soros. I am forced to defend the latter against Nazi slanderers abetted by MAGA – Morons Allegedly Governing America (Many Are Getting Arrested!) I was dismissed from a federal job for refusing to write propaganda burnishing the ICTY’s reputation.

Our President — And the world’s! With his steady hand on the tiller, we may all sleep well. Allahu akbar!

In sum: The International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia; definitely criminal. Stay tuned.

The rulers of America.