Is It True We Did Not Go To the Moon? by Stephen Schwartz April 16, 2017

Is it true we did not go to the moon?

Stephen Suleyman Schwartz. Photograph by K.S. Rolph.

The U.S. did not land a team on the moon.

The Japanese did not attack Pearl Harbor.

Hitler is alive.

Stalin was the greatest revolutionary in history.

Trotsky was an agent of Hitler and the emperor of Japan.

The victims in the Great Purges were all guilty.

The Spanish Republic was a Communist front.

Israel is anti-Muslim and anti-Arab.

The Bosnians killed their own people and blamed the Serbs.

Albanians are born with tails that must be removed surgically.

Kosovar Albanians are all Islamic fundamentalists.

Croats are all Nazis.

The Kosovo battle of 1389 is the touchstone of Balkan history.

Ukrainians are all Nazis.

Jews who side with Croats and Ukrainians are traitors who do not possess the wisdom of Western gadflies.

Lady Gaga was born male.

Surrealism is decadent.

Anarchism is chaotic violence.

Aliens walk among us.

UFOlogy is a science — love that one.

Radical Islam does not exist and to say it does makes one an Islamophobe.

If it does exist, radical Islam is a product of poverty, ignorance, and disease.

Muhammad was a pedophile.

The Ottomans saved the Iberian Jews to exploit and repress them.

Islam is inherently anti-Jewish and anti-Christian.

Globalization leads to deculturation.

Iraq should be partitioned.

9–11 was an inside job.

God does not exist.

Coffeehouse freaks know more than experts, and experts know more than religious scholars.

Looking cool is art.

My opinion: In post-modernity one has a wonderful choice of “social hallucinations.”

This, however, is written from a place where horror is not a hallucination:

Asesinan a sacerdote indígena en Nayarit

Islamic greetings on Easter. We celebrate the prophecy of Jesus.