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Against Fascism, CIP Publishes on Muslim Jewish Life by Luciana Zana Trëndafilazezë

CIP October 30, 2017 GOD BLESS AMERICA. The Centre for Islamic Pluralism calls on Muslims, Jews, and Christians to unite NOW! This is our jihad! Death to Russian imperialism! Remember Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Azerbaycan, Vainakh, the Balkans, Crimea! STOP Putin inciting…
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‘Fake News’ Regarding Antiquities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by Luciana Zana Trëndafilazezë and Stephen Sylejman Schwartz

CIP October 24, 2017 Since our establishment following the atrocities of 11 September 2001 the Center for Islamic Pluralism (CIP) has stood for religious pluralism, social justice, and public transparency in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). CIP builds on…
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CIP Greetings on International Day of Solidarity With Working Women [The original name of International Women’s Day] by Stephen Suleyman Schwartz

Quora.com March 8, 2017 The Center for Islamic Pluralism has always stood first, among Muslim activists, with the women combatants of Kurdistan, the victims of and fighters against the scourge of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), and women organizing for their…
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