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The Syrian Sarin Attacks of August 2013 and April 2017 by Lt. Col. (res.) Dr. Dany Shoham

The Besa Center April 26, 2017 BESA Center Perspectives Paper No. 452, April 26, 2017 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The sarin attacks in Syria of August 2013 and April 2017 resemble one another closely. They reflect a strategic mode that might be…
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Replies to Questions About Sufism From A High School Teacher in Columbia, Missouri, USA by Stephen Suleyman Schwartz

CIP April 22, 2017 Instructor Gregory Soden writes — As an American in Missouri, I grew up in one of the most religiously devout and politically conservative regions of the United States. Such an existence just never seemed quite satisfying,…
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Which parts of Qur’an touch your heart the most? by Stephen Suleyman Schwartz

Quora.com February 18, 2017 Greetings to all people of sincerity. I am 68 years old and will reach 20 years as a Muslim in a few months, alhamdulillah! I began studying Sufism (Islamic spirituality) through Catalan Catholic sources at 18….
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