We STILL Accuse! by Luciana Zana Trëndafilazezë and Stephen Sylejman Schwartz

CIP September 6, 2017

In the aftermath of Russian manipulation of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, new scrutiny has disclosed the permanent nature of Moscow aggression against America.

The Russian bandit and spy nest masquerading as a consulate in San Francisco was closed on 2 September in an elementary act of social hygiene.

We accuse fascist Russia of a global conspiracy against the Western democratic alliance.

We will assist in rooting out Russian agents at every level.


We call for a real people’s front that will fight Russian imperialism, mobilizing all enemies of fascism, whatever their other issues.

We call for direct action against Russia by all lovers of freedom.

Let us march separately and strike together!

Down with Putin! Death to Fascism! Freedom for the People!

CIP stands on the media line against Russian expansionism. Executive Director Ashk Sylejman writes actively on Quora.com as well as on twitter. During the current battle against Russian fascist imperialism International Director Luciana Zana Trëndafilazezë will post and repost regularly in several languages.

CIP calls additionally for return of the Islamophobic convicted terrorist Randall Royer to an American prison to serve out his 20-year sentence. Terrorist Royer benefited from early release and carries out a Wahhabi disinformation effort in Washington, DC.

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How come the US Muslims aren’t more vocal about extremists taking over the Islamic religion?

American Islam is the most intellectually deficient, craven, corrupt phenomenon in the history of the religion.

Its alleged leaders are grotesque poseurs.

Thus a certain individual claims falsely to have established the first “accredited” Muslim college in America; others push anti-shariah pseudo-legal schemes.

Hatred of Jews is standard.

Jihadi recruitment is common.

On university campuses cradle Shias and Sufis are silenced.

Prisons are double: Muslim inmates are chained to radicalism.

Academic fakery by Muslims in the West has killed millions of trees to no good purpose — a sin in Islam.

Bogus expertise on Islam among many non-Muslim puffessors has led to spectacles like the fascist harassment of Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a scholar of great depth and value. (I should not have to add that I am anti-Trump, but I am more anti-Lynch. I consider Dr. Gorka the “white” Clarence Thomas.)

Shias are more sophisticated, but “American” Sunnis are smug in the conviction that they can get away with anything.

All of the “Muslim” cowards and sellouts in positions of influence in the U.S. would not add up to an eyebrow hair on a drunken prostitute in a gutter in the backstreets of Tashkent.

This view is shared throughout the Muslim umma.

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